Tango control system at the Nuclotron

TANGO is an object oriented distributed control system using CORBA and is being actively developed as a collaborative effort between the Alba, Desy, Elettra, ESRF, FRM II, |MAX-IV, Solaris and Soleil institutes.

Nuclotron is the world's first superconductive syncrotron, exploited by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Russia. This particle accelerator is based on a miniature iron-shaped field superconductive magnets, and has a particle energy up to 7 GeV. It was built in 1987-1992 as a part of Dubna synchrophasotron modernisation program (the Nuclotron ring follows the outer perimeter of the synchrophasotron ring). 5 runs of about 1400 hours total duration have been provided by the present time. The most important experiments tested the cryomagnetic system of a novel type, and obtained data on nuclear collisions using internal target*.

In the Nuclotron control system there are several subsystems, using Tango:
- injection - injection control and diagnostics system;
- extraction - slow extraction control and diagnostics;
- auxilary - helper device-servers

You can see our:
* Subversion repository

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