====== Injection control system ======
The system provides control and synchronization of electrostatic and magnetic inflector devices and diagnostics of the ion beam injected from 20MeV linear accelerator to the Nuclotron.The hardware of the system consists of two controllable power supplies, National Instruments’ acquisition devices and a custom-designed controller module.

Consists of following Tango device servers:
* PSMbus-ds device server to control septum magnet power supply EVPU PS140-8S via Profubus/FLNR protocol
* Usb6259-ds device server to control NI USB-6259 acquisition board
* niscopeds device server, used for the measurement of the longitudional beam profiles in the injection channel and Nuclotron ring;
* dmm device server to measure the current on the septum magnet and the voltage on the inflector plate.
* Modbus device server implementing Modbus/RTU (via serial line) and Modbus/TCP communication

Additional helper device servers:
* Serial device server implementing low-level communication via serial port
* Socket device server implementing low-level communication via TCP/IP sockets

All software are running under Windows IndustrialPC (Domik) in Nuclotron electronics room (“Domik”). Tango devices used by the system:

* injection/dmm/dmm1
* injection/dmm/dmm2
* injection/niscopeds/domik1
* injection/server/domik1
* injection/usb6259ds/domik1
* inflector/modbus/rtu1
* inflector/serial/rtu1
* inflector/serial/im1
* inflector/nidaqmx/hvcontrol1
* inflector/psmbus/im1
* inflector/usb6259ds/hvcontrol1

Client applications are developed in LabVIEW using Labview Tango bindings:
* Injection Control Client
* Injection Beam Dynamics Client
* Injection Beam Profiles Client

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