====== Extraction control system ======
The system provides diagnostics of slow extraction and control of the electrostatic septum used in slow extraction from Nuclotron.

Consists of following Tango device servers:
* SlowExtrServer-ds - high-level server to gather data from low-level servers and provide control algorithm
* Septum-ds - high-level server to control electrostatic septun
* Usb6259-ds device server to control NI USB-6259 acquisition board
* DAQmxAI Analog Input device server based on niDAQmx;
* DAQmxAO Analog Output device server based on niDAQmx;
* DAQmxPulseOut pulse generation device using counters, niDAQmx based

All software are running under Windows IndustrialPC in Synchrophasotron control room. Tango devices used by the system:


Client applications are developed in LabVIEW using Labview Tango bindings:
* Extraction Tango Client
* Extraction Septum Tango Client

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